Offline mode is for those who are accessing LF on a browser whether that be a phone, tablet or other device. If you have access to one of our apps, you do not need to utilize offline mode.

  • You can now access our iOS and Android App!

You can follow your workouts without an internet connection. After downloading a workout to Offline Mode, make sure to save it to your device home screen (shown below). We recommend using offline mode if you experience any internet connectivity issues during your workouts which causing skipping or lags or want to workout in a location without strong internet connection.

  • We recommend only downloading one plan at a time, then removing it from Offline Mode when not in use
  • Workouts will appear in the new 'downloads' icon at the top of your screen


  • To follow a downloaded workout, you must click into the 'downloads' icon and click your workout
  • Offline mode does not automatically save your progress for the next day. This will update when your app connects back to the internet.
  • Make sure to save the workout to your device home screen for easy access (see below)

Offline Mode Demo:


Offline Mode has also been added to the Workout Generator. It is very similar, but can viewed here.


Saving Offline Mode Workout to Your Device Home Screen

After adding a workout to your 'Downloads' section visit the home screen of that workout and follow either of the demonstrations below depending on your device. This adds the workout directly to your home screen so you do not have to access the internet to get to offline mode.




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