Any Living.Fit workout can be made easier or harder based on the amount of weight you use and how you hold the kettlebell.  So, it would depend on what you consider easy about this as the best way to address this. You can also work directly with a Living.Fit trainer to discuss your workouts, learn more here
Anytime you start to feel like a workout is too easy, it can be a sign you are making progress, but what should you do if you do not have unlimited amounts of weight to work with?

Here are the 3 best ways to make a workout more challenging.

1) Increase the weight you are using. If you don't feel a workout challenged you while you used perfect form. Consider increasing the weight.

2) Increase tension. Create more tension while moving by keeping your muscles even tighter while you move

3) Adjust how you hold the weight. Let's say a kettlebell press is easy for you at a particular weight. Try holding the kettlebell in a Bottom's Up style to make the same weight more challenging. You could also try a Waiter Press (visualize holding the weight like a platter on your palm. Don't hold the handle). If you are doing kettlebell swings, try with one arm instead of two or add a bit of rotation into the swing.

Any combination of the above will take a weight you feel like you have mastered and make it more challenging. This way, you should never feel like any Living.Fit workout is not challenging enough for you. You can always be pushing yourself. Of course, you can just buy more weights, but these are great substitutes!

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