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** You can play music during workouts on our apps. If you have music playing first and then start the workout, it will stop the music, but you simply just need to restart the music. 



Step 1: If this is your first time to Living.Fit, set up your account HERE and then download the iOS or Android App below!

Step 2: You can download our iOS and Android Apps

Step 3: Review the Guide below!

Choosing Your Workout Experience ** VERY IMPORTANT

We have a number of ways for you to experience our workouts, go at the pace you need as well as review movements mid-workout. Watch this demo to learn about those tools. 


** Note. If you want to set the video on your iOS or Android app to full screen when you watch it, then you need to choose 'Automatic' logging.

Add Any Workout To Your Favorites List


How to Navigate Workout Plans. To access your workouts on the app, you first need to make sure you have created and account HERE with the same email address you have purchased with. THEN, download the app you need and login.

Access our iOS and Android App for a better experience!


Workout Plans Versus Individual Workouts

When you are viewing the Living.Fit app home screen you have the choice between Workout Plans, Individual Workout Plans and Favorites. This video demonstrates the difference between each.


In Workout Tips

While in a workout you can review help tips about how to perform movements you are not familiar with

  • BONUS TIP: You can read about how to make any Living.Fit workout harder or easier here.


Audio Controls on Workouts

On any workout you have control over the audio. You can turn off the voice which prompts the name of the workout and duration. You can turn on coaching tips as well as count down sounds. Customize your workouts the way that suit you best if you want to focus on audio prompts or none at all.


Listening to Music While You Workout

You can play music off your favorite music like Spotify, iTunes or any other source. After you enter your workout, simply turn your music on and then open your workout!


How to Learn About Living.Fit Workouts Before Trying Them

Logging Workouts in Manual 

We want to give you as much control as possible how you move through or log your workouts. You can choose to log your reps and weight after each movement and then click 'Next' or you can play through the entire workout automatically and add any information you need at the end. (Demonstrated directly below is logging your work on each set)

** Note. If you want to set the video on your iOS or Android app to full screen when you watch it, then you need to choose 'Automatic' logging

Automatic Logging

We have created a number of ways for you to experience our workouts. 'Automatic' workouts are ideal for those who want to just move through the workout while watching or listening to audio queues and not logging workouts. You will need to be comfortable with the movements in the workout to use this feature.

** Note. If you want to set the video on your iOS or Android app to full screen when you watch it, then you need to choose 'Automatic' loggin.

You can also review your workout logs if you are repeating a workout so you can try to do more weights or reps next time.

Reviewing Workout Logs


List View

List view is designed for those who really want to take their time with a workout and check the list as opposed to following a workout video.


Movement Libraries

Full access members have a master movement library with over 400 movements and growing. You can learn about the movements through audio, visual or text as well as view records of your improvement on these items over time!



We understand that some people want to take workouts at their own pace or look at a list as opposed to follow along with audio or video cues. For that, we have created list format which allows you to go through each movement individually at your own pace, watch tutorials and read how to's. You can try the new format here https://www.living.fit/membership

How to Use Our Workout Generator (available in Full Access Membership). Want to try a new workout or have a different amount of time today? Try our workout generator! Our team of expert trainers have created protocols based on your inputs to create the perfect workout for different equipment, goals and time available! Choose from different timed workouts, the equipment you want to use, your goal and more! This is available on the Workout Generator tab inside your membership.



How to Sort Workouts by Equipment or Trainer (VIEW HERE). You can sort through all of our workout plans and workouts for to find the one you want to do. Look for workouts or plans by the trainer who created them or by the equipment they use. 


Starting and Moving Through Workouts.  Watch the options available to you when you start a workout like movement libraries, how to preview movements before you start as well as navigate the workout while in use.


After reviewing this guide, you can navigate to your workouts here.


If you have interest in working more closely with a Living.Fit trainer, learn more here

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